Student Activities

Student Activities

Student activities are activities by students through social education in order to express their artistic, creative and leadership views.


Field Trips: provide the students an enhanced  opportunity to go within the community and experience the  environment. Examples of these are places of departure, cellular andtourist agencies etc. which will help to create their personalities.

Visits: The student through this visit could serve the curriculum.

School Broadcasts: The most important element of library activities are within the school. The student’s talent and abilities are displayed.

Lectures: The teachers explain or clarify an issue or problem and prepare and collect scientific material with the help of a Librarian.

Debates: These interactive dialogues, between two groups, to exchange different points of view on a single issue are aimed at developing students’ skills and providing them with opportunities to express their opinions and awareness of contemporary issues.

Seminars: based on question and answer from the students and professor who is answering those questions, and one of the most important conditions for pupils to prepare contribution to Symposium with the assistance of a Librarian.

Cultural and Religious activities: through which cultural awareness spreads among students, cultural competitions and participate in school radio and religious competitions and demonstration boards work of prayer and religious instruction to read Quran continually for example.

Producer girl activity: through which training girls to love innovation and handicrafts and self-reliance and to make girls a producer in her life.

Red Crescent activity: which is the composition of the group called the Red Crescent team to inculcate the values of the environment in the minds of students and provide aid and assistance to their friends, as well as spreading health awareness.