Parents Council

Parents Council

General goal of parents and teachers:

The aims are to achieve the following:

  • Strengthen links between parents and teachers as well as the family and the institute in an atmosphere of cooperation-for the betterment of the pupils.
  • Work on upgrading the educational process to keep pace with changes in society.
  • Promotion of “self-help” to support the educational message.
  • Studying the needs of students in order to satisfy them, help them overcome their problems, and to oversee their discipline/progress.
  • Encourage talented students, who are caring.
  • Expanding projects and programs that promote behavioral trends as well as national and moral values.

The Competence of Parents and Teachers’ Councils:

  • Implement decisions and recommendations of the general assemblies.
  • Setting an integrated plan to achieve the objectives of ‘The Council of Parents and Teachers ’.
  • A Bureau constitutes: The President, Vice President and Treasurer, to follow up the activities of the Council.
  • Reporting any amount of money spent to achieve the plan approved by The Board.
  • Follow-up payments of classes and organizing periodic meetings between parents and teachers in order to determine levels and behaviors of students.
  • Helping the administration of the institute to overcome educational problems and give their opinions without interference.

Parents and Teachers ‘ Councils:

‘The Council of Parents and Teachers’ at the primary level of the Institute is as follows:

  • Sheikh Institute i.e..”President”.
  • Four teachers (4) are selected by the teachers of the institute in the meeting of the General Assembly.
  • The most experienced of the social workers or the teacher who is chosen by the Director of the Institute in case of absence of a social worker “assistant.”
  • Six parents (6) who are selected by parents of ‘The Public Assembly’ as representatives of all classes.
  • Parents and teachers elect the Council Full Board, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer at its first meeting. Later, three (3) members of the General Assembly of the Parents Association are chosen to be added to the membership of the Council for the benefit of their experience and their personalities but they do not have the right to vote.

Cases of meetings of The Parents and Teachers Board of the Institute:

  • Will meet at least, once a month if the President of the Council approved setting meetings for necessity; If not less than half of the members request an extraordinary meeting.
  • Written invitation is required to all members of the board of parents and teachers, the week before the meeting, and it must include the date, place, and agenda.
  • The meeting is considered appropriate if half of the members attend. It should be delayed for an hour if the required number is not available, then, it can take place with any number of members.