Baraem Tibbah Welcome you

Baraem Taiba School welcomes all new and old parents to join the school family and thank them for the trust given to the school administration and promise to provide a satisfactory performance level to God Almighty and then to parents.

And we believe in the role of home in the educational process of the child because the education of children is a common message between the school and the home and not the school alone as we make clear that our reference in dealing with everyone from the book of Allah - the Almighty - and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and that our aim is to educate The new generation is armed with the Holy Quran and the prophetic morals in addition to excellence in diverse cultural sciences.

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Why Baraem Tibbah?

We seek to build a generation of Muslims, visionary with their religion, capable of interacting with the society through a pioneering system of good Islamic morals, armed with Islamic faith and forensic science, as well as modern science and technology of the times.

The Holy Quran

Memorizing the Holy Quranand understand its meanings due to the level of the students.


The school has a horse stable to teach our children Equestrian.

Swimming pool

The school has a swimming pool which allows our children to learn how to swim.

Tibbah Mobile App.

Available on Google Play and the Apple Store.Through it you can follow up the student's case and have discussions with the teachers.


The school offers an e-learning system so students can review lessons with a rich and comprehensive question bank with model answers


The school's transportation lines cover all regions of Alexanderia


Active Board


Academically Superior


Athletic Superior


Culturally & Artistic Superior


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