Community Projects

Community Projects

The Concept of the Public Service Community

It is the volunteer efforts performed by individuals and groups that collaborate to serve their community and nation within their abilities, potentials and needs of the environment and without charge. There are models of public service projects offered by the school, both inside and outside of school.

Public service projects within the school:

1- Reception of new pupils.

2- Decorate the school and classrooms.

3- Maintain cleanliness of the school and walls and Foundation.

4- Continuous renewal of school and classrooms and founded.

Public service projects offered by the school to society: draft visit homes for the elderly: where is the school collects donations and in-kind gifts for submission to the elderly in order to bring joy and happiness in their hearts and notified that someone cares about them and feel their presence and their needs.

1-Draft visit orphanages: school is interested in identifying the needs of the orphanages of clothing or food, school and school-based tools to collect these needs and submission to the orphanages to help officials of various orphanages in the payment needs of these orphans.

2- Draft visit patients and children with special needs: the school and children visit patients in order to consolidate the spirit and values of cooperation and sense of others and participation in case of health and illness and by providing assistance to the sick children with special needs, and emphasize understanding their needs and requirements.

3- Cleaning and street beautification project: where the school and teachers in the campaign to clean and beautify the streets via fetch cleaners and paints tools to clean and beautify the school Street and main street leading to school and get special vehicles to remove garbage from the street.